Author - Catalina Shlenchak

Catalina Shlenchak


Water with Meals? Is It Good or Bad?

Water is vital for your body and sipping those eight glasses is a surefire way to maintain optimal hydration. Many people drink water with meals โ€“ especially...


How Bed Bugs Can Affect Your Health

Bed bugs are hard to spot but it doesnโ€™t mean they donโ€™t exist. Although bed bugs havenโ€™t been proven to transmit serious diseases, they can have a negative...


12 Healthy Canned Foods

Once canned foods saved people from hunger; today canned foods are unfairly underrated. Although some canned foods arenโ€™t healthy, many others are loaded with...

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How to Avoid Bean Flatulence

Beans are crazily good for us, but what do you feel after eating a serving? Intestinal gas, right? Bean flatulence is a common problem, which can be prevented...