10 Secrets of Naturally Skinny People

10 Secrets of Naturally Skinny People

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Have you ever wondered how naturally thin people maintain their weight without starving themselves? The truth is, skinnier people have developed a bunch of habits that make them slim and trim with little to no effort.

Even though these habits sound simple, you should have a strong willpower to master them. People struggling with weight issues tend to be weaker when it comes to food – especially fatty foods. However, if you feel like you’re ready for the weight changes and you’re dreaming of staying skinny all the time, here are the most hidden secrets naturally thin people prefer not to talk about.

1.They know where to say “no”

When hanging out with friends, we tend to create excuses and make bad food choices that our friends make. When feeling down, we think we deserve that little treat. Moreover, we eat even when we don’t want because we stick to that 7-meal diet plan. Saying “no” in different situations and different food choices is a skill that naturally skinny people have polished in years. They know how to tell other people “no” when they offer them unhealthy stuff. They also know how to avoid overeating when they feel down. Most importantly, they know when to say “no” when the body sends the wrong hunger signals.

2.They hate eating at night

While naturally slim people don’t stick to the “don’t-eat-after-7 pm” rule, they simply hate night time eating. Not only does night time eating promote weight gain, but it also causes insomnia and sluggish feeling in the morning. These people know it so they tend to have a filling dinner that will keep them full till morning. If they feel hungry at 11 pm, they’d rather have a handful of berries or a half an apple than a sandwich or a piece of cake.

3.They love walking

If you suggest a naturally skinny person to drive them to the post office or college, they’re more likely to say “no” to you. The thing is, these people enjoy walking as they know it’s a great cardio workout that doesn’t actually feel like exercise. They tend to walk long distances during the day and it’s one of the secrets why they always have perfectly toned legs and amazingly slim bodies. When it comes to walking and running, skinny people choose walking since running burns lots of calories and trims fats that they don’t have.

4.They get their zzz’s

There’s a strong link between weight and the amount of sleep you get. Sleep deprivation often leads to unhealthy food choices, muscle weaknesses, and poor exercise performance. Even a low level of sleep deprivation can boost your appetite by changing the behavior of the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which are responsible for managing metabolism and appetite. As a result, you have stronger cravings for carbs and calorie-dense comfort foods, which can cause weight gain.

Naturally slim people know it and they’re also aware of all the risks of sleep deprivation, so they make sure they get at least 7 hours of sound sleep each night. Moreover, they tend to go to bed before 11 pm to avoid late night cravings and get their beauty sleep.

5.They snack wisely and strangely

It’s may seem ridiculous that someone isn’t obsessed with ice cream, cakes, potato chips, or chicken wings. But when naturally slim people choose their snacks, they won’t even consider that stuff. Offer them an ice cream and they’d say, “No thanks, I don’t like ice cream.” Or tell them, “Let’s grab some popcorn and chips and watch a movie,” and they’re more likely to reply, “Maybe a fruit salad is a better option, huh?” Their snacks are a bit strange, but this is how they avoid unwanted calories.

6.They hydrate the body throughout a day

Can you tell the amount of water you drink throughout the day – 2 glasses or 1? Tea, coffee, and soft drinks don’t count. Your body needs plain water to function at its best. Water speeds up the metabolic rate and aids in weight loss and fat burning. Naturally skinny people always keep a small bottle of water in their bags and sip it throughout the day. They also like to add fruit, veggies, and berries to it to make it even more delicious and increase their energy levels.

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7.They rarely watch TV

Don’t be astonished if you don’t find TV in a skinny person’s house. The thing is, they rarely watch TV or don’t watch it at all. Spending the whole day or evening watching the last episodes of Vampire Diaries sounds boring to them and they would rather play tennis or go for an evening walk instead. Naturally slim people adore sports, trips, and alone time and there’s no room for all those TV shows in their schedules.

8.They load their meals with herbs and veggies

The statistics show that more and more people switch to vegan- and vegetarian-friendly diets these days. Naturally skinny people are no exception. They literally load each meal with herbs and veggies and do it in an amazingly creative way. You don’t have to go vegan to lose weight, but you have to fall in love with herbs and veggies if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

9.They eat small portions

When it comes to portion control, slim people are absolute winners. These people always eat whatever they want – unless it’s unhealthy – but they’re good at mindful eating. They stick to smaller portions to avoid overstuffing themselves. This helps to keep their energy levels high and avoid fat storing. Portion control is a hard skill to master, yet it has been shown to be as effective in weight loss journey as an intense workout.

10.They keep their stress levels at bay

Stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain and weigh loss. Slim people know it so they always try to control their emotions and reduce their stress levels by practicing meditation or taking a stroll in the park whenever they feel stressed. Overthinking habit is a culprit, too, so knowing how to handle your emotions can be important for your weight loss journey.

Naturally skinny people don’t try too hard to maintain their weight, but still, they have fantastic weight management habits that most of them aren’t even aware of. Borrow a few of these habits for yourself and you’ll see how quickly you will be able to join those who call themselves naturally slim people.