Is Egg With Orange Yolk Healthier?

Have you ever wondered why some eggs have a strong orange color and some have a pale yellow one?

What makes the difference in color? is there any health benefits differences?

According to research, eggs with darker yolks contain more omega 3 and vitamins, than eggs with lighter yolks. Especially in free range chickens.

In this study, the chickens ate chia, fish oil, and flax seeds, all of them rich in omega 3. A diet high in omega 3, linked to less inflammations, digestive issues and heart diseases; also low risk to mental health conditions like depression and improvement of brain functions.

What causes the color difference?

The food the chicken eats, affects the color of the yolk.

When their diet consists of foods high in cartnoeids, the color of the yolk will be orange.

What are the benefits cartnoeids?

Cartoneids are antioxidants with powerful health benefits. They are responsible for the orange color of different kinds of vegetables, and fruits like carrots, sweet potatoes, mango, peppers, etc.

Cartoneids can improve our vision, the health of our cardiovascular system, reduce inflammation in the body, and prevent cancer. (1,2,3,4)

What about protein values?

There is no difference between yellow and orange eggs in terms of protein and fat values.

Is there a taste difference?

Many people are willing to swear that orange eggs are tastier than yellow ones. well.. They definitely look better, and maybe the phrase “we eat with our eyes” takes place in this case, if we take into account that some of the eating experience comes from the look of the food.

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Bottom line, you should check for yourself and decide.