1 Spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar: 6 Health Benefits

It is a commonly accepted fact that since centuries, vinegar has been extensively used to serve various cooking and household purposes. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is also known as an ancient folk remedy that was used to help all sorts of health problems.

It is also an interesting fact to note that the most famous vinegar in the health community is the ACV. It is claimed that this magical form of vinegar possesses the ability to cure a vast number of illnesses that are predominant in the human body. It includes lowering blood sugar levels, weight loss and countering diabetes.

You would just be surprised to know that how can just one food would offer so many health advantages. However, the fact is ACV can treat a wide variety of illnesses in the human body. Many health experts also term it as one of the most useful remedies on the Earth. Here is the list of the advantages of ACV that is also supported by ample scientific researchers.

1.ACV is high in acetic acid and has potent biological impacts

Vinegar is derived from the French word which translates to sour wine. There are two steps in the preparation of vinegar. In the first step, the crushed apples are exposed to yeast that enables the solution to be fermented. After a substantial period, this solution turns into alcohol. In the second step, bacteria are added to this alcoholic solution. It turns into acetic acid which is also one of the main constituents of vinegar. ACV contains potassium and other essential healthy amino acids that help in controlling the heartbeat of the human body. It also contains certain amounts of antioxidants that are beneficial in protecting the body against cancer.

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2.ACV prevents indigestion

If you sip a spoonful of ACV before your main meals, then you would bid adieu to all your digestive medicines. You can also add one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of ACV to a bowl of lukewarm water to see magical results.

3.It is a natural Teeth Whitener

Teeth Whitening is one of the primary uses of ACV. A glistening tooth is the absolute requirement of an individual looking forward to impressing others. If you are not so lucky and have a murky pair of teeth, you can consider rubbing ACV on the affected tooth. The pH of the ACV can remove stains from your teeth.

4.It regulates the pH of your body

As we all know that ACV is resplendent in acetic acid, it has a more alkaline effect on the rest of your body. Moreover, balancing the pH of your bodies can reduce several chronic illnesses cancer. It can also increase the energy levels in your body.

5.It balances sugar present in the blood and hence improves diabetes

Recent medical research has been able to shed light on the fact that the acetic acid that is found in ACV can holistically balances the levels of blood sugar in your body. It can improve the sensitivity of insulin and can also improve insulin responses. One can receive these advantages through the consumption of ACV. You can try consuming raw ACV on salads.

6.It can assist preventing allergies

It is interesting to note that another unusual treatment of ACV is for allergies. It supports breaking up mucous in your body and can also facilitate the lymphatic drainage. Moreover, it also supports the immune system and can also make your sinuses. You can opt to put two spoons in a large bowl, and you can drink three times daily to treat allergies.

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7.It can also help you to cure sore and cold throat

It is one of the better ways to cure a sore throat. As it is loaded with vitamins and probiotic boosting acetic acid, it is often known as an excellent natural treatment. You can take two spoons of ACV on a daily basis in one bowl and can drink three times daily to cure symptoms of cold and cough.

8.It can be used as a natural conditioner to make your hair shine

ACV can also be used as a natural hair product to make your scalp free from dandruff. On the other hand, ACV can also be used as a substitute for hair conditioning products. You can take an old bottle of shampoo and fill that bottle with ACV. Add one cup of water to the bottle. You can pour this on your hair. You can opt for shampooing three times per week for best results.

9.It detoxifies your body

Many call unfiltered ACV as a liver and lymphatic tonic and liver tonic. It can also help your body to detox. Moreover, as it also helps in balancing the pH level of your body, it can stimulate cardiovascular activities. It improves bowel motility and drainage of the lymphatic nodes of the body. Many health conscious individuals are taking up ACV to get rid of the toxins present in their body.

How to use ACV to witness amazing results?

ACV is one of the most magical products that can cure a wide variety of illnesses. You can use ACV with the variety of food items. The below-mentioned light shades light on this aspect:

  • You can use ACV with raw honey to make it taste sweeter.
  • You can also combine it with juices extracted from tropical fruits for a tasty tonic.
  • You can add it in your daily cup of tea. You can also add a dash of cinnamon and a teaspoon of raw honey to make it taste unique
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Consider including ACV in your daily life activities as this would cast a positive influence on your health. You can also add it with various tasty food recipes to make sure that you are getting the optimum results out of this magical form of vinegar. You can also take the help of internet to search for a variety of recipes that uses ACV to render the food with taste.