16 Health Benefits of Dates

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Dates is the fruits of the date palm tree. It is generally grown in the hot parched districts primarily in the Middle-East and semi-dry area.

The natural products are considered as essential segment of the diet in most Arab nations. It is considered as ‘tree of life and Bread of Desert.

Since the date palm development flourishes in harsh condition, it is obvious that secondary metabolites assume a critical part in giving a defensive impact against high temperature, UV-harm, and resilience to dry spell and saltiness; demonstrated malicious to plant pathogens and irritations.

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They are believed to have started some place around the Persian Gulf. There are a few assortments of dates which can be arranged into three gatherings based on their sugar content-soft, semi-dry and dried dates. All assortments of dates are same in all regards aside from slight contrasts in taste and size.

Nutritional values of dates

Dates are a powerhouse of nutrients including vitamins such as, thiamine,Ā riboflavin,Ā niacin, folate,Ā vitamin A, andĀ vitamin K.

Essential minerals, such as, calcium, iron,Ā phosphorus,Ā sodium, potassium, magnesium, andĀ zinc can beĀ found in them and dietary fiber.

Calories:Ā Dates are high in calories with 100 grams of dateĀ  giving up to 314 calories.

Proteins and Fat:Ā Dates are low in proteins and fat yet high in sugars, which chiefly include fructose and glucose. Date seeds have a higher substance of fat (9 grams/100 grams) and protein (5.1 grams/100 grams) in contrast with the tissue.

Vitamins:Ā Dates are rich in vitamin A with 100 grams serving giving 149 International Units (IU) of this vitamin. They additionally contain satisfactory levels of B complex vitamins, for example, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), niacin, pantothenic corrosive and riboflavin and also vitamin K.

Minerals:Ā Dates are also rich in minerals like selenium, copper, potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron. They contain bounteous measures of potassium with 100 grams serving giving 696 mg or 16% of the every day suggested levels of this electrolyte.

The Health Benefits of ā€˜Dates fruitsā€™ are as follow:

1.Treatment and Prevention of Anaemia

Anaemia is described as low amount of red blood cells in the body and this is caused by lack of iron. Dates contain an amazing level of iron which makes them the ideal home solution for treating iron insufficiency. Daily consumption of dates can boost the measure of iron in the blood.

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2.Treatment of Constipation

Dates are an awesome purgative nourishment. They are rich in soluble fiber, which assumes a vital part in promoting comfortable and healthy bowel movement.

Simply soak the Dates in water overnight, eat these soaked Dates the next morning like syrup to get the best results.

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3.Treatment of Diarrhea

Ripe Dates are effective in the treatment of diarrhea due to the presence of potassium which helps in overseeing bowel looseness.

The soluble fiber in dates additionally provides easy bowel movement and promotes healthy functioning of the excretory system mass to the solid discharges and advances sound working of the excretory framework.

4.Fortify Bones

TheĀ significant amountsĀ of minerals found in Dates make them a superfood for fortifying bones and fending off excruciating and debilitating conditions likeĀ osteoporosis.

These dry natural products containĀ selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, which are all vital to solid bone improvement and quality, especially as individuals age, their bones bit by bit debilitate.


Cancer prevention agents flavonoids, for example, Ɵ-carotene, lutein, and zea-xanthin can ensure cells and different structures in the body from harmful impacts of free-oxygen radicals.

This vital components in Dates are found to offer some protection from colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic growths.

Its richness in dietary fiber prevents LDL cholesterol ingestion in the gut and also protects the colon mucous layer by reducing exposure time.

6.Treatment Of Intestinal Disorders

The presence of nicotine in Dates can restrict growth of pathological organisms and promote the growth of friendly microscopic organisms in the digestive tracts.

Moreover, they contain soluble and insoluble fibre as well as amino-acids, which ensures appropriate food digestion. Hence, full absorption of the nutrients by the digestive tract and they are properly utilized in the body.

7.Keeps up Healthy Nervous System

Dates are a good source of vitamins which help improve the health and functionality of the human nervous system.

usefulness of the human sensory system. The rich potassium substance of Dates help to improve the brain speed and function.

8.Counteractive action of Stroke and Coronary Heart Diseases

Potassium is a crucial component of cell and body liquids that assist in the control of heart rate and blood pressure thereby protecting against stroke and coronary heart diseases.

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Soaking dates around evening time and eating them smashed toward the beginning of the day is useful for a weak heart.

At the point when consumed two times per week, they prevent coronary disease, heart attack and stroke by lessening the levels of LDL cholesterol (terrible cholesterol) in the body.

9.Treatment of Allergies:

Dates contain organic sulfur which has many health benefits such as reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.

Dates are an extraordinary alternative to add sulfur to the eating regimen and avoid hypersensitivities.

10.Against inflammation

Flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants, known as tannins, possess anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhagic properties.

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11.Clear Vision

Dates are also sources of vitamin A, known to have cell antioxidant properties and fundamental for vision.

Daily consumption of Dates helps in keeping the eyes healthy and furthermore averts diseases like night visual impairment. A paste of date leaves can be rubbed close to the eyes or ingested orally to decrease night visual impairment.

12.Weight Gain

In the event that you are underweight, dates are presumably simply the thing for you!

They are a great source of sugar, proteins and numerous fundamental vitamins. Eating Dates with cucumber paste keeps up normal healthy weight without causing malnourishment.

13.Treatment of Sexual Weakness

Certain research has demonstrated that dates are helpful in expanding sexual stamina.

A handful of Dates can be soaked in goatā€™s milk overnight and then ground with cardamom powder and honey. Dates contain high levels of estradiol and flavonoid, which can increase sperm count motility.

14.Dental Health

Dates contain fluorine, a vital chemical element that represses tooth decay by evacuating plaque and in addition reinforcing the tooth enamel.

Tooth enamel is comprised of hydroxypatites which winds up safe against tooth decay when it interacts with fluorine.

15.Valuable for Pregnant Women

Dates likewise offer a few advantages amid pregnancy.

Being rich in Iron, Dates prevent anaemia in the mother as well as the fetus. They additionally cause a change in the uterus muscles, enabling it to extend in a smooth way. Dates enhances the mother’s milk by providing adequate nutrition to it.

16.Upkeep of Healthy Skin

Red dates have high level of vitamin C and flavonoids, which can enhance the elasticity of your skin and improve the subcutaneous tissues, thereby, making the skin tender and smooth.

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Dates likewise contain vitamin B5 which helps in preventing stretch marks.

How many dates is recommended per day?

The proper measurements of date palm relies upon a few factors, for example, the client’s age, well-being, and a few different conditions.

Right now researchers have shown that 2 to 3 Dates are recommended on daily basis for proper well-being.

Remember that natural products are not always generally safe and dosages can be important. Make sure you follow the direction of your pharmacist orĀ  health care professional before consumption.

Any side effect?

Dates are an incredible sustenance for your well-being. They contain numerous vitamins and minerals that can help and keep up the well-being of your body in different ways.

Lamentably, there might be a few drawbacks of dates that you should think about.

1.High in Sugar

While dates can be an extraordinary immune booster, the sugar content can be an issue for others, particularly diabetics who need to keep close tabs on their glucose levels.

2.High in Calories

Actually, 1/4 measure of Medjool dates has roughly 111 calories.

In the event that you are endeavoring to get in shape or keep up weight reduction, you might need to consider that when eating dates.


In all actuality a few people are only susceptible to things for obscure reasons, and dates are no special case to that run the show.

Date hypersensitivities can sometimes cause uneasiness.

4.Digestion problem

While the stomach related advantages of dates are awesome and will cause no issues for the vast majority, in others, the fiber and other absorption related substance may deliver an awful response in the stomach and cause issues like looseness of the bowels.


The detailed information on nourishment and health improvement properties of Dates improves knowledge for the consumption of dates in our daily diets.

Dates are an organic product that gives a considerable measure of useful for next to no terrible. Be that as it may, there are a few disadvantages.

In conclusion, the best strategy with regards to Dates is moderation. They are meant to be used as health booster instead of making them your entire eating routine. Ā Use them as a health booster rather than making them the centerpiece your whole diet.