1 Bowl of Oatmeal: 7 Health Benefits

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A bowl of cereal is one of the perfect ways to start your day as it possesses immense health benefits. Moreover, it can provide you with stable energy throughout the day.

In recent years, much attention has been given to the dietary habits of people. In this fast-paced world, consuming a meal at the start of the day with a lot of nutritional elements in it is a thing of rarity. However, with the entrance of oatmeal, things have changed a lot.

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health, and as a result, it has improved their awareness levels. As a healthy state of mind and body always has a direct impact on the work productivity, more and more people are concentrating on eating whole grains that have a positive impact on their body.

The vivid varieties of oats

There are so many different types of oats filling the shelves of the stores that it almost gets confusing for a buyer to choose. However, while buying oats, you should never feel overwhelmed by the below-mentioned list describes the types of oat available in the market.

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Whole Oat Groats

It is one of those varieties of oats that is not readily available. However, it always packs a powerful punch with its protein content as it has 8 gram per quarter cup.

Groats are known as the whole oat kernel with their hull removed. As they possess a chewy structure, they take a considerable amount of time. It is interesting to note that you can substitute rice with whole oats. These types of oats are resplendent with fibers and proteins that always keeps your body’s digestive system clean.

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Irish Oats

By looking at the Irish Oats, one may find it similar to porridge. Moreover, besides being healthy, one can try a lot of innovative recipes with it. It can have a good impact on your body.

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

They are known as one of the versatile oats of the healthy variety. To prepare them, the whole groats are usually steamed and then pressed between rollers to form dried flakes. As these varieties of oats have a flat surface, they can quickly absorb water and milk. This results in a rapid cooking time. With the emergence of a fast paced lifestyle, these oats have been quite popular.

There are numerous health benefits of consuming oats. As oats contain a specific type of fiber known as beta-glucan, it can drastically reduce the cholesterol levels of an individual. Moreover, as oats are low in fat, they are termed as an ideal ingredient of a low-fat diet. Quite interestingly, they are also an excellent source to build your muscles as oats supply with you an adequate amount of carbohydrates. As oats are one of the best sources of energy to get you through the day, you should consider having a bowl of oatmeal before starting your hectic day. Here is the list of other significant health benefits of oatmeal.

Oats can lower cholesterol levels in your body

It is best to start your day with a steaming bowl of oatmeal especially if you are looking forward to countering diabetes and heart disease. As oats are rich in beta-glucan, they can combat the rising cholesterol levels in our bloodstream. On the other hand, lowering high cholesterol levels can hence significantly reduce any chances of stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

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The beta-glucans in oat improves the immune system of an individual

As per Italian researchers, the beta-glucans in oats can cast a positive impact on the health of human beings. The beta-glucans as of now is considered essential in reducing the cholesterol levels in a human body. But as per the account of Italian researchers, they can also boost our body’s defense against microbes.

Oats are beneficial in reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes

If an individual diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is given oatmeal for consumption on a daily basis, then it can be observed the insulin levels would go down drastically. The researchers from Germany are of the opinion that by taking oatmeal on a daily basis, the insulin resistance can be decreased drastically.

Oats are a healthy option in controlling blood pressure

By regularly consuming oats, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure can be significantly controlled. The presence of whole grains and fibers help to monitor the flow of the blood through the vessels and veins.

Oats can help you lose weight

As per health experts, half a cup of oatmeal is less than 150 calories and just contains 2 grams of fat. However, you would be surprised to know that you can draw a significant amount of energy for so few calories.

On the other hand, as oatmeal is high in fiber content, it can control your bowel movement in a better manner.

Oats are an excellent substitute for other protein rich diets

There are instances where you may not get enough protein from a diet. On the other hand, many of you can be vegetarians and would not get access to animal proteins. In those cases, you can focus on oatmeal.

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It is so because one serving of oatmeal possesses around 5 grams of protein. But the low content of calorie is what makes oatmeal popular among many individuals.

You can also add other sources of protein to your oatmeal by cooking it with different recipes. It would also make sure that you can eat oatmeal by preparing it in different delicacies.

Oats prevent cancer

It is interesting to note that oatmeal contains enterolactone which is also known as an antioxidant with phytochemical properties that helps fight and prevent cancer. It is worthwhile to note that the antioxidants present in oatmeal neutralize the free radicals which damage DNA cells. By countering the growth of free radicals, grain makes sure that we are free from cancers.

There are other various health benefits of consuming oatmeal. Hence, develop a healthy habit always to start your day with a bowl of cereal and experience the difference.