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9 Sneaky Ways to Reduce Fat and Get Lean Fast

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Losing fat and getting lean may seem impossible in the world full of oh so delicious yet calorie-dense foods, but it’s not. As soon as you learn how to eat and work out properly, you can manage to do it!

Actually, there are tons of things you can do to shed pounds, but if you’re a bit lazy – okay, lazy – all those things seem overwhelming. Instead, we suggest trying these sneaky ways that will help you get a skinny body faster than you think. No intense workouts and exhausting diets required!

Whatever you do to reduce fat, though make sure you do it gradually. You can get least fast and that “fast” doesn’t mean “overnight” or “in a week.” Losing fat too fast can negatively affect your body’s function and lead to dangerous consequences. So, take baby steps when adopting the habits and tricks mentioned below.

1.Forget about sugar

Surprised, right? Perhaps you expected to read “forget about fatty foods” but sugar is a number one enemy of all human beings these days. No matter what you buy in the supermarket, it’s more likely to contain hidden as starch, visible, or artificial added sugars. Consuming these sugars on a regular basis can lead to serious digestive issues (think bloating and constipation), severe eczema, chronic fatigue, and weight gain.

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Moreover, sugar consumption is linked to an increased risk of dementia, heart attack, obesity, type 2 diabetes, liver problems, and different types of cancers, according to a study published in JAMA.

Since sugar has different names, read the labels carefully. Avoid foods that contain sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, dextrose, starch, maltodextrin, modified high corn syrup, and corn starch.

2.Limit your bread consumption

You don’t have to ditch bread for good, but you should choose it carefully. White bread contains empty calories and no nutrients since they have been removed from the wheat. Worse, white bread contains gluten and starch that are linked to numerous digestive troubles, mental confusion, pains, gas and bloating, and sometimes nausea.

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Whole wheat bread may seem to be a healthier option, but it still contains gluten. If you have trouble choosing the right type of bread that will help you shed fat rather than gain it, then opt for flaxseed, rye, oat, Ezekiel, or brown rice bread. Yet, be sure to eat it in moderation.

3.Choose the right fats

Just because certain foods contain fats doesn’t mean you should avoid eating them. Eliminating all the fats from your diet is dangerous. Your body needs them for your immune system, nervous system, and hormones, but it’s vital to choose the healthy fats found in avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, and fish, for example.

4.Walk a lot

Walking is an often overlooked way to burn fat, but it can be as effective as jogging and running. Daily walking tones your leg muscles, speeds up your metabolism, and aids in burning more calories while strengthening your heart and increasing your energy levels. Starts with 5,000 steps a day and gradually increase this amount to 10,000 and then 15,000 a day. Go to the work, supermarket, and friends by foot and choose stairs instead of the elevator. When walking in the morning, add 15 to 20 squats to it to burn more fat and get leaner faster.

5.Fall in love in number 10

Whether you work out in the gym or at home or you don’t have any planned workout sessions at all, you still can get lean if you fall in love with number 10. Let’s say you’re cooking a dinner and you need to give that soup an extra 10-minute boil, use those 10 minutes to do some steps, jog in one place, or do a few squats or stretches.

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When working in the office, take a 10-minute break and go outside for a walk or just take the stairs to the upper floor. Statistics show that a 10-minute workout doesn’t seem like workout yet it helps shed 7 to 15 pounds in a year. It also an easy way to burn belly fat faster.

6.Drink lemon water

Lemon water isn’t a magic weight loss drink, but it boasts a number of properties that contribute to burning fat. First of all, it helps to boost your metabolism if you drink it before breakfast. Naturally skinny people tend to have a fast metabolism and this is what keeps them slim. Overweight people, on the contrary, have a slow metabolism that may promote fat storage. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your metabolic rate working at a high speed. If you hate lemon water, try cucumber water instead.

7.Consume more fat-busting foods

There are foods that could help you speed up your weight loss progress and achieve your ideal weight quicker. Grapefruit, pistachios, almonds, yogurt, avocado and avocado oil, green tea, legumes, quinoa, chia seeds, and leafy greens are well-known fat-burning foods that must be included in every diet.

For instance, people who consume 3 tablespoons of organic avocado oil daily can drop 2 percent of belly fat in a month. Green tea drunken before a workout can help you burn 17 percent more fat during the exercise while grapefruit contains potent phytochemicals that destroy belly fat. Pistachios and almonds contain amino acids that accelerate fat burning.

8.Graze throughout the day

Veggies help to burn fat faster by increasing your metabolic rate. However, it’s important to learn how to eat your veggies for maximum fat burning. It’s actually easier than you think. Just create 5 mini meals mostly filled with veggies and munch on them throughout the day. In can be a hummus with tons of veggie sticks, a salad with tuna, or a green smoothie topped with chia and pumpkin seeds. Get creative and make vegetables the stars of your each day.

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9.Fight your sweet cravings with dark chocolate and berries

Dark chocolate is renowned for its powerful stress-busting properties, but it can also help you burn fat and get skinnier faster. It helps you take control over your sweet cravings, increases feelings of satiety, fights inflammation, and prevents stress-related overeating. Plus, dark chocolate is a rich source of plant-based nutrients called flavonols that aid in lowering blood sugar and decreasing body fat. But, don’t overdo it – eat not more than 2 pieces of dark chocolate.

Berries are another sweet craving weapon that you can take a full advantage of. They’re loaded with antioxidants that reduce the whole body inflammation, prevent digestive issues, and thus promote fat burning. Raspberries, in particular, make a quick low calorie snack that can keep you feeling full for up to 2 hours. A cup of raspberries provides your body with about 2 grams of protein and 8 grams of dietary fiber and contains only 65 calories. Yum!

It’s a lot easier to burn fat and lose weight when you’re well aware of what you’re putting in your body. You don’t need to work out hard and stick to terrifying diets that leave you feeling hungry all the time, starts with the things you place in your mouth and read the labels before buying your food.