4 Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

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This article has been based on relevant and up-to-date scientific studies. Our writers are unbiased and objective and present the facts as they are known. Numbers in brackets within the article refer to sources included in the reference list at the end of the article.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, affecting libido, bone mass, muscle size and strength, and other functions.

But while testosterone is a male sex hormone, it also contributes to female libido, bone density, and muscle strength.

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In this article we talk about several ways to increase testosterone levels naturally:


Most of the testosterone released during the day is produced during sleep and peaks in the early morning. When testosterone levels gradually drop throughout the day. (1)

Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, negatively affect the testosterone level measured in the morning in men. (2)

A study examined the effect of sleep restriction on testosterone levels among young, healthy men.

The study divided the participants into two groups, one group received 8 hours of sleep, and the other group received 5 hours of sleep.

The measurements showed a 10 to 15 percent decrease in the testosterone level in the second group, which restricted sleep.

Sun exposure

Several studies have shown that exposure to the sun has a positive effect on testosterone levels.

One of the studies was an Israeli study published in the journal “Cell Reports”.

The study examined a group of men and women who underwent a controlled light exposure treatment, and showed an increase in testosterone levels among those participants.

Another study done on women found that exposure to the sun increased the level of testosterone and improved measures of pleasure, libido, orgasm and self-image.

Note, this does not mean that you should roast yourself in the sun, just get sun exposure for 25 minutes during the day.

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Strength training

A research review talks about the importance of testosterone as an important modulator of muscle mass in both men and women. A sharp increase in testosterone can be caused by doing resistance training.

Our age has a significant effect on testosterone concentrations in the body as a result of strength training.

Until puberty, children do not experience a significant increase in testosterone as a result of resistance training, after puberty a certain increase is seen in boys, but not in girls.

At the age of 35-40 there is a decrease of 1-3% per year in the concentration of testosterone among men. The response of testosterone secretion as a result of resistance training also decreases.

In women there is also a decrease over the years, less testosterone is secreted after strength training, and an even sharper decrease is seen after menopause.


What we eat can affect the level of testosterone.

A study that examined different types of diet, among 3,128 men, found that those who followed a low-fat diet had lower levels of testosterone. Therefore, avoid types of diets that limit fat from the diet.

According to a study, consuming protein can also help us improve testosterone levels and also help reduce fat percentages in the body.

Obesity can reduce testosterone, The fatter we get, the lower the testosterone level, according to a 2014 study. so It is important to maintain a normal body weight.

Things that damage our testosterone level:

  • Mental stress (high cortisol levels)
  • alcohol
  • Exposure to estrogen-like chemicals such as bisphenol A found in various plastic products.