15 Ways to Get Rid of Belly Bloating

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Your jeans seem smaller, but it is just the bloating causing that. Your healthy lifestyle can cause bloating as well as your unhealthy lifestyle, so better be informed on the how to best get rid of that belly bloat because it is not flattering at all. The best ways to get rid of belly bloating are.

1.Take regular sips of water

Regularly sipping water helps get rid of belly bloat. Hydration goes hand in hand with preventing constipation when you sip water throughout the day. Bloating occurs mostly due to indigestion and water rectifies that by boosting digestion by keeping things on track. Moreover, before a workout, avoid taking large amounts of water as it will cause your stomach to swell up. To top it all up, take four glasses of water before you eat anything to boost your metabolism and kick start your day.

2.Avoid sodium

Too much salt is poisonous! Eating too much salt causes build up which increases the volume of your blood. Furthermore, too much salt makes your heart work extra hard.Β  Salt also retains water and too much of it means too much water retention hence a lot of bloating and a lot of uncomfortable feeling in your stomach!

3.Do not over do it with fiber foods at once

If you are not used to eating a lot of fruits and salads, and you start on them without caution, you will get seriously bloated! The bacteria in your stomach produces gas and if you do not have the right one to digest the fibers, the gas build up will cause more bloating than you can handle, as the fibrous foods linger in your stomach. To avoid this, build up your tolerance slowly by gradually getting used to increasing your fiber intake slowly until you are used to it. This will build up your tolerance to the gas levels slowly until the discomfort is ruled out.

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4.Eat your fruits without skinning them

Pears, apples, and berries are great for getting rid of bloating. Eat them whole without removing their skin as their largest amount of fiber is there. Fiber prevents constipation hence prevents bloating as well. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so have an apple, some berries, and pears to have that perfect metabolic system.

5.Eat a lot of potassium

Potassium foods contain amino acids that get rid of excess liquid out of the body. Potassium rich foods include spinach, tomatoes, mangoes, and bananas. These foods are great stomach flattening foods hence good for getting rid of bloating.

6.Say no to artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are hard to digest for many people, in turn, they cause bloating. They may seem like the best alternative to sugar but not quite so. The best alternative to sugary foods is no sugar at all which ensures no bloating occurs.

7.Be active

Whether it is a morning run or an evening walk, 20 minutes of exercise a day keeps your digestion in check by fighting constipation ensuring no stomach swelling. The little effort you put into being active will go a long way in preventing stomach bloating and uneasiness.

8.Eat salmon

Enriched with omega 3-fatty acids, salmon’s fats reduce stomach inflammation as well as being a healthy food choice. There are many ways to cook salmon so as to enjoy it without getting sick of it.


A handful of unsalted almonds will give you a filling sense. Also, they will give you the energy to kick start your day and go through it with zeal.

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10.Endorse caffeine

Caffeine stimulates colonic muscles to contract just as after eating a large meal. These contractions ensure you rush to the bathroom to release yourself. The more you use the bathroom, the lesser bloated you are. Therefore, when you need to use the bathroom and are unable to do the task, take a cup of coffee and voila! You will not be disappointed.

Pawpaws have enzymes that aid in digestion and break down proteins so that you do not feel full all day. Look for different ways to incorporate papaya in your everyday diet.

11.Massage your tummy

When your stomach feels bloated and tight, try massaging it! Massage in motions from your hip upwards and also from your waist to the other waist side. The movements when done perfectly help to reduce gas build up in your stomach, and you will start feeling better.

12.Less soda intake

Carbonated drinks have bubbles that make you feel gassy and bloated. Coke is not bad but the condition it puts your body through is hell. Instead of soda, take lemon water to give you that boost of energy throughout the day and also avoid bloating as lemon helps with bloating symptoms.

13.Stretch in bed

When you wake up, lie on your back with your knees tucked into your belly for a few minutes. Relax as you twist your legs from side to side so as to soothe your belly and in turn avoiding bloating. This should be an everyday routine.

14.Eat oatmeal

Oat meal is quick to prepare and very rich in fiber too. It is the perfect breakfast as it will ensure you are full but not bloated. Ensure you do not fill yours with sugars so as to avoid bloating throughout the day.

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15.Cut on alcohol.

Alcohol can cause dehydration making your body hold on to every bit of water it has. This will make you feel bloated, so it is easier to avoid that glass of wine you love so much especially at night.

Getting rid of and preventing bloating is as easy as we have seen if you follow these simple rules. Good luck!