Are Green Potatoes Dangerous To Eat?

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When potatoes are stored in a hot, bright place, they are in the best condition to sprout. The chlorophyil production in the potatoes increases, which slowly turns it green.

Although chlorophyll is a harmless chemical, its presence in potatoes indicates that they have increased the production of a glycoalkaloid known as solanine.

Solanine protects potatoes and other plants from the solanine family, and is used as protection for the sprouting plants from animals.

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Solanine is considered a neurotoxin and its digestion by humans can cause nausea and headaches, severe neurological problems and even death if consumed in excess.

An examination conducted on this matter showed that the consumption of green potatoes may cause vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. In extreme cases of higher intake, it can cause paralysis, respiratory failure, heart failure, coma and death.

Cooking does not destroy the solanine, so all the potatoes green parts must be removed. Especially, do not serve green potatoes to children, who are more susceptible to poisoning due to their lower body weight.

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